The Mani Buteel Festival 2001


In the last week of July the Mani Buteel Festival took place at Baldan Baraivan. This festival honours the guardian god of the monastery. Eight lamas from Ulaanbaatar came to assist Lama Guree in performing the ceremonies. More than hundred people from surrounding areas came to visit. 

The ceremonies took place in the wooden temple. The lamas chanted and recited a great variety of mantras and visitors were free to drop in out when they liked. Only at some occasions the temple door was closed and everybody had to stay until the end of that ceremony. While the ceremonies took place the visitors where now and then supplied with airag, more or less alcoholic fermented horse milk.


Reciting lamas in the wooden temple (1).


Reciting lamas in the wooden temple (2).

People attending the ceremony


Drinking airag in the temple (your fifth, Mark?)

People visiting for the festival, in front of the wooden temple.