Our expert translators are highly qualified - typically possessing master's degrees or higher - and translate only into their mother language. Drawing on our network of specialists, we are able to offer the highest available quality of written translation from Mongolian into English, Russian and other major foreign languages, and from any language into Mongolian. Our translators have worked for UNESCO, The World Bank, the Government of Mongolia, the Arts Council of Mongolia, and a wide range of local and international businesses and NGOs.

Rates for written translation

English-Mongolian, Russian-Mongolian
1.5¢ / word
2¢ / word
3¢ / word
Mongolian-English, Mongolian-Russian, Mongolian-Chinese , Chinese-Mongolian
2.5¢ / word
3.5¢ / word
4¢ / word
Other language combinations
4¢ / word
5¢ / word
6¢ / word

Please contact us to negotiate preferred rates for longer texts (including books and reports) or bulk orders.


Reliable, professional simultaneous and consecutive translation can be arranged for all your visit and conference needs, in Ulaanbaatar or in the countryside. We provide executive-quality service for rates are as low as $48 / day. Please contact us for details.

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