INMongolia Books publishes and distributes textbooks and general non-fiction works by Western authors in Mongolian translation, as well as English-language books presenting Mongolia's history, economy and culture to a worldwide audience.

Some of the books we currently distribute include:

Felt Art of the Mongols. Luntengiin Batchuluun. ISBN 99929-2-163-3.
For the past two millennia, felt has played an essential role in Mongolian life. In addition to its basic function as an insulating cover for the yurt, felt has served in making clothing, cushions, rugs and wall-hangings, saddle pads, purses and much more. Indeed felt is such an intimate part of Mongolian culture that it has come to be treated as an almost sacred textile, forming the subject of a great number of ritual blessings and activities. In The Felt Art of the Mongols L. Batchuluun explores the origins and semiology of Mongolian "felt culture", discussing in turn the emergence of felt technology, contemporary feltmaking traditions, and the significance of the patterns and symbols encountered in Mongolian felt embroidery.
Sutras for the Worship of Sacred Sites. D. Munkhsaikhan (ed.). In Tibetan and Mongolian, with an English introduction. Published by ARC, The World Bank and WWF. ISBN 99929-2-193-5.
"During the 20th century, when many misunderstood
social development as only meaning material development, Mongolia was one of the few countries to preserve the integrity of its natural environment, as a direct consequence of the influence of Buddhism. One set of traditions that helps preserve nature is the ceremonies of mountain and water worship. Selecting an ecologically important region which contains rare animal species and vegetation for worship ceremonies is not only a religious activity, but also reflects material concerns and helps preserve the natural environment for future generations." (from the Foreword by D. Choijamts, Abbot of the Buddhist Gandantegchenling Monastery)
Винни-Пух (Winnie-the-Pooh). A.A. Milne, Translated by Ts. Shurentsetseg. ISBN 99929-2-???-?
A.A. Milne's classic children's story, translated for the first time into Mongolian.
The Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape World Heritage Site.
This 200-page illustrated guidebook presents the Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape, Mongolia's first cultural World Heritage Site. The book draws upon ethnographical and archaeological materials, archival photographs and documents, maps, and the results of original field surveys. Jointly published with the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO.

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