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Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

by Jack Weatherford

Reed the introduction to the book

What an eye opener. I didn't know that much about Genghis Khan or his grandson Khubilai but I certainly knew the names. And like many references to the Mongols I believed they were ruthless killers. The Mongol hordes is often used in a derogatory way. Weatherford's book really changes my view (and gave me a wonderful education). About half the book is on Genghis Khan and how he rose from very, very humble beginnings to unite the Mongol nation and make it a force to be reckoned with. The other half of the book is devoted to what happened after he died as his children and grandchildren continued to rule the empire he created. It's impressive to see how the Mongols waged war through intimidation and creative warfare techniques absorbed from multiple cultures, but even more impressive to understand how they ruled and the amazing innovations Genghis Khan implemented in the regions he conquered. His grandson Khubilai Khan was also impressive. He essentially overthrew the Sung dynasty and became the ruler of what is modern day China uniting the Chinese in a way that they couldn't accomplish themselves. It is a great, educational read. Want to know who first used paper money, allowed religious freedom and instituted public schools? Read this book.

California Wino


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